Day 30, the last day in the month of gratitude: I’m thankful that Conestoga Township paved part of River Road — my commute to church is 50% better than it used to be!


Day 28 in the month of gratitude: I’m thankful for our youth group at Stehman Memorial United Methodist Church and for our youth coordinators, Marcia Hess and Keith Lutinski…what a blessing our young believers are to the church (and to me)!

Last night the youth had a barn party with some of the kids from Living Light Mennonite Church. They have such fun together in a very low-tech way.

Day 26 in a month of gratitude: I’m thankful that God answers prayers. And that he uses US to answer prayers.

Who has been an answer to prayer for you?

And for whom might you be an answered prayer?

Day 24 in the month of gratitude: I’m thankful for the turkey cooking, the potatoes peeled, the extra stuffing in the crockpot, the house more or less clean and ready for company this afternoon. I’m thankful to the Lord for providing all this.

Day 25 (because if this is a month of gratitude, why stop at Nov. 24?): I’m thankful that so many people on FB are talking about and thinking about gratitude. Found an interesting piece from Christianity Today’s Her.meneutics blog … food for thought, and the comments on the post (mostly) stimulate even more thought!

Day 23 in a month of gratitude: I’m thankful for the Thanksgiving turkey in the fridge. Talked to someone yesterday who didn’t even have a dollar in the house and had  no gas in the car. (They will have a turkey dinner, though.) We are blessed.

And increasingly the Lord has been laying on me the Abraham story. Abraham was blessed to be a blessing to the whole world. We are blessed to be a blessing to others. How can Stehman Church bless others — spiritually and materially? How can I? How can you?

Day 21 in a month of gratitude: I’m thankful that the Lord doesn’t waste anything that happens to us. Even painful times, even really stupid mistakes, can be redeemed and used to help others through similar situations. No matter what has happened to us, Jesus has been with us. Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!

Have you done or experienced something in the past that you’re ashamed of, or suffering because of? Have you seen God put his promise in Romans 8:28 into action? Perhaps we need to look carefully for the ways God is at work to bring good out of our bad.

Day 21 in the season of gratitude: I’m thankful that I still have my parents…even though they’re about 250 miles away…and for my sisters and their families. God’s peace to all whose parents have gone to their eternal home.

What do you consider your parents’ greatest influence on your life?

Day 20 in a month of gratitude: I’m thankful for generous followers of Jesus. Today at Stehman Memorial United Methodist Church we’re presenting a check to Imagine Goods to have a well drilled in a Cambodian village — the kids started this project with their donations at Vacation Bible School. It’s awesome to think that people on the other side of the world will have safe water to drink as a result!

Have you ever considered how your small acts of obedience, generosity and love for Jesus have a big impact?

Day 19 in a month of gratitude: I’m preparing a children’s message for Stehman Memorial United Methodist Church tomorrow, and that reminds me I’m thankful (more than I can say!) for our little army of kids at church. They are a joy and a blessing…may we be found faithful in discipling them!

I’ve been in churches where there were no children. When the kids in our congregation get a little “ruchy,” as we say in Lancaster County, it’s not a distraction or an annoyance — it’s a cause for celebration!

Day 18 in the month of gratitude: Today I’m thankful for my good health–so many people are suffering with chronic pain, disease and disability–my health problems are minor annoyances.

Perhaps this is another way we are blessed to be a blessing. Perhaps the Lord wants me (maybe you too?) to give help and comfort to those who are suffering.


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